Twenty Five Affairs

Am aware I had made a commitment to make a post every Tuesday. Am also fully aware I failed to do so last week. Well, there’s a good reason I should say. I wanted to post about my 25th Birthday experience and since I had two consecutive weeks of celebration, I figured it would be absurd to make two posts whilst I could hit two birds with one stone.

“How does it feel to be 25?” He asked. I got confused for a moment. Was I to feel something? I mean, do people feel things at 25? Is there a Eureka moment here? Something like, “there’s a tickle behind my neck. Aha! Am now 25.” Or, “there’s a stretch in the backbone, or an increase in the thickness of the gum or something.” What’s the feeling? Because if there’s one, then am lost. I don’t feel nothing new.

Let’s say I was juiced up to turn 25, not because there’s any feeling from the ordinary. Like, it’s just like turning thirteen (teenage) or eighteen (Citizen/Voter) or twenty (end of teenage) It’s not like you grow another liver, or start chewing card, a.a there’s absolutely nothing new. But of course, there’s a change in age. I’ve heard them say 25 is the beginning of responsible adulthood. That most, since not all, women get into that bracket of marriage and babies… I agree. Nowadays, I get along with babies more than before, I actually never fancied marriage that much except that one time I mentioned on an earlier post. I had actually started envisioning a large life on my own with babies, artificially inseminated, whisky and a piano at a corner in the living room to slow down the brain during those days. Yeah. I saw all that.

Enough of that. Back to why I was steamed up over turning 25. I was in a tizzy for a whole two weeks. Like I said earlier, there’s no special feeling about 25, only that I have become self aware. I know I am growing older. Now I have come to believe in one of my old folk’s philosophy, “If you say a firm YES to one thing, a firm NO will always come out easily to something contradictory.”

What is Yes and what are we saying yes to?

If you say Yes to a dream, saying No to setbacks will be easy. And so I said Yes to Kijani Daima. I said yes to knocking on doors, and embracing opportunities, to taking advantage of situations/people for my own good. I mean, if Uhuru is still accumulating wealth to his family name up until now after all his father bagged home, yet, he’ll still get voted back in as President, who am I not to use you? Whom am I not take advantage? I say yes to using you, use me too when you can. I say yes to demanding respect over my rights as a woman as well as a Citizen. To lobbying and yelling if it comes to that.


If you say Yes to yourself, saying No to the world will never be a puzzle, and so I said yes to me. I chose me, I chose my happiness, I chose my hearts desires, I chose my wants, my needs, my life, my loves, myself first. I chose me. I said yes to who I am and who I will be. I said yes.


My old folk said, “first learn how to say ‘Yes’, then saying ‘No’ will never be a struggle. And so I said Yes to adulthood. Yes to 25, yes to the past, yes to present and a loud yes to the future. I said yes, I can, Yes I shall and Yes I will. *cheers to ‘yes’.

I said Yes.
Yes, I said Yes.

4 thoughts on “Twenty Five Affairs

  1. Nice piece swiry kijani daima what a nice initiative go girl the sky is the limit!I only missed that other part of “yes” so there was an after party!

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