Je t’aime


It's those big arms that press my head to your chest I love to write about Katerina. Because she doesn't mind that I write about her or that I use her real name. It's not often we find friends who allow us to write about them and so when we do, we are cautious to … Continue reading Je t’aime

Un-cry My Tears


What If; So what if I still check under my bed? Before getting into bed; my bed that lacks warmth, At mid night, Just in case the thief sneaked in through the cracks, Only for him to wake me before the crack of dawn, Just when sleep could no more shun my yawn, Just when … Continue reading Un-cry My Tears



SOMEHOW! Today, I woke up with some Adele in mind,I remembered my High School cubical buddy, Bridget,She had this strong euphonious voice; one very pleasing to the ear.She loved Adele’s songs.That’s how I knew Adele.That’s how I knew Someone like youI remember dedicating it to the first boy that broke my heart.I remember writing down … Continue reading SOMEHOW

Open Letter To My Daughter


Dear Little Seventh Heaven, For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. I'm not such a great fan of mirrors. May be because I'm very shy. The image in the mirror will go something like, "damn girl! you sexy piece of sh*t..." then I will feel sheepish and be … Continue reading Open Letter To My Daughter

An Open Letter to my Daughter

Dear Love, You are my ideal baby. I feel like I have already said enough with those few words above. I mean, that should tell it all. My love, I have no one word for you. However , I describe you as my Seventh Heaven from the kind of emotions you aroused in me the … Continue reading An Open Letter to my Daughter