About Me

My name is Wanjiku. I’m a mum. Of all the things my hands have touched, the best thus far is my daughter. Her eyes are magical; by just looking into them, they melt every frozen part of my heart. I love honey. I can take honey with almost everything. That’s the reason I will have my Chicken Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce. I love hot lemon; could be because I struggle a lot with weight gain and they made believe that this concotion fights calories. I love sweet-sour; reason why I take my gin with apple juice and honey.

I love stories; Long and Short. When I started Wine With Wanjiku, I was sort of inspired by Gabriel Union. The intention is to use my skill to tell stories. Lifestyle stories. Those stories that people don’t tell but are battling with. The goal is to generate a fellow feeling – That ‘I am not the only one’ kind of feeling. As human beings, that communal feeling accelerates the healing process. Therefore, by telling these stories in a style that everyone can relate, someone somewhere is experiencing healing. Someone somewhere is cleaning their closet and making peace with their struggles. Someone somewhere finds serenity right here.

Note: If you have a story you would want to share with me; don’t hesitate to contact me via the Email below.


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