About Me

My name is Wanjiku. I’m a mum. Of all the things my hands have touched, the best thus far is my daughter. Her eyes are magical; by just looking into them, they melt every frozen part of my heart. I love honey. I can take honey with almost everything. That’s the reason I will have my Chicken Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce. I love hot lemon; could be because I struggle a lot with weight gain and they made believe that this Dawa fights calories.

I found my niche in writing. Sometimes I’m a character in my stories, both fiction and real life occurrences. When I thought of starting Wine With Wanjiku, I was inspired by Gabriel Union. The intention is to use my stories, lifestyle stories, those stories that people hardly tell but are battling. The goal is to generate a fellow feeling – That ‘I am not the only one‘ kind of feeling. As human beings, that communal feeling accelerates the healing process. Therefore, by telling these stories in a style that everyone can relate, someone somewhere is experiencing healing. Someone somewhere is cleaning their closet and making peace with their struggles. Someone somewhere finds serenity right here. That way, I have lived my purpose.

PS: If you have a story you would want to share with me; don’t hesitate to contact me via the Email below.

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