About Me

My name is Wanjiku. I’m a mum. Of all the things my hands have touched, the best thus far is my daughter. Her eyes are magical; by just looking into them, they melt every frozen part of my heart. I love honey. Honey makes a picky eater like me fall in love with meals. Another reason why I have my Chicken Wings with Honey BBQ Sauce. I love hot lemon too; they said Dawa fights calories. They might have been right.

I found my niche in writing. Sometimes I’m a character in my stories, both fiction and real life experiences. When I thought of creating this platform, I was inspired by Gabriel Union, to create a community of people who drink wine. Not literally though. In Latin they say, in vino veritas. To mean, in wine, there’s truth. The intention is to tell stories, true life stories. Those stories that people hardly tell but are battling. Stories that people have battled and overcome. Stories that have inspired and impacted. The goal is to generate a fellow feeling – That ‘I am not the only one‘ kind of feeling. As human beings, that communal feeling nurtures courage. Therefore, by telling these stories in a style that everyone can relate, someone somewhere is experiencing serenity. That way, I have lived my purpose.

PS: If you have a story you would want to share with me; don’t hesitate to contact me via the Email below.


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