Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening... Depending on when you get to read this. Now, today we don't get to do the usual #MondayBluez. I had this ghosting conversation with a friend over the weekend. We spoke on it in so much depth that I felt the need to share it here in the hope … Continue reading Ghosting


Mojito Makes Me Cry


When he died, how was that for you? I asked, feeling somewhat emotional. Sharlene’s eye bags were beginning to swell. Sharlene is this girl who, after she read Milkah's story here she sent me an email, that read, “Foretaste: There will be suffering before we attain glory……” it sounded to me like a verse … Continue reading Mojito Makes Me Cry


They Are Low Lying Extroverts

First of all, I want to apologize for delaying our wine. I should have served it on Monday. I know! But then, our country Kenya, was in the mood for celebration. We have sustained 59years of freedom and that is momentous. Even though we cannot boast of total freedom, I do believe we are not … Continue reading They Are Low Lying Extroverts

Love over Fear


Hey guys! Would lend me your ears a minute. No, three, at most. Okay? Ok! So, is there anyone in this room who does not appreciate the magical feeling of being in love? Anyone? Love, God’s gift to humanity, is a cake, your flavor of choice, so sweet that everyone wants to partake, right? We … Continue reading Love over Fear

’22 Losses and Lessons


This year 2022 has for me been a year of losses. I have lost quite a lot of valuables. Two of them hurt the most. One of the two is still a chapter hard to read from. Let's turn the pages for now, we shall come back to it another day. The other one, is … Continue reading ’22 Losses and Lessons

I Can Fall For You Forever.


In the midst of the darkness that covers love,a darkness so black,blacker than the fiery Africa's slaves,I thank the nature of heart.It loves and believes even in it's brokenness.Mine, finds pleasure in loving you.I can fall for you forever. Meeting you was listening to John Legend's Nervous,for the first time and knowing it would … Continue reading I Can Fall For You Forever.

Je t’aime


It's those big arms that press my head to your chest I love to write about Katerina. Because she doesn't mind that I write about her or that I use her real name. It's not often we find friends who allow us to write about them and so when we do, we are cautious to … Continue reading Je t’aime

Divided Attention


When we fight, we go at it tooth and nail. We will be standing toe to toe at each other’s throats exchanging ugly words nearly scratching each other’s eyes out and splitting hairs. We will make an issue of something and we will cross swords fighting like cats and dogs. It’s unhealthy but also therapeutic. … Continue reading Divided Attention

Out To Uncover My Boaz

It's a new dawn "…I found total happiness in your smileI can't hurt you, haina faida for gown white ya snow ikifagia floor…" King Kaka Weeh! Si mtu tu aniandikie such words mahali.Yani I'm so ready for someone's son to sugarcoat some mere words ndo tu nijue if my heart is still working. I have … Continue reading Out To Uncover My Boaz