I was his mint chocolate chip. I often puzzled about whatever it is Gab saw in me. I was at my lowest. I always had on loose-fitting pants and t-shirts to hide my skin-and-bones. I had lost too much weight from the stress I was battling at the time. I had come from a marriage … Continue reading Hopelessness

A Blessing In Disguise

Aatma is slavishly beautiful. She has marble eyes - bright and beautiful; they let her see things you cannot see. Like the expression on your face when you make a mistake. Should she gaze at you, she'll certainly reduce you to ashes.Her skin tone is a shade of brown; moderate brown and she stands at … Continue reading A Blessing In Disguise

Talk To My Lawyer

Do you remember that Monday evening I told you I was meeting Masha? Yes? Okay we met. I know y'all waited for the bluez last Monday but I was cruising somewhere I couldn't be here. But here we are today. So, currently Masha lives within my hood. We had to meet at a local. Not … Continue reading Talk To My Lawyer


SOMEHOW! Today, I woke up with some Adele in mind,I remembered my High School cubical buddy, Bridget,She had this strong euphonious voice; one very pleasing to the ear.She loved Adele’s songs.That’s how I knew Adele.That’s how I knew Someone like youI remember dedicating it to the first boy that broke my heart.I remember writing down … Continue reading SOMEHOW

Local HeartAche

Jared, (not his real name) called me one evening. I have not known his voice to have any kind of emotions. I have known him long enough to know he has a savorless speech pattern. Just flat. We went to the same school at some point. We were never really close though. I will not … Continue reading Local HeartAche

Open Letter To My Daughter

Dear Little Seventh Heaven, For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. I'm not such a great fan of mirrors. May be because I'm very shy. The image in the mirror will go something like, "damn girl! you sexy piece of sh*t..." then I will feel sheepish and be … Continue reading Open Letter To My Daughter

My Cup of Hot Lemon

Friday's are unusually very long. Especially for me when I have a date with a story after work. My day job involves something far, very far, from story telling, but I get to hear more than enough stories before close of business. Like how this woman took a loan from the Bank for her ex-husband. … Continue reading My Cup of Hot Lemon

A Half Baked Man

Usually when someone asks me to meet at Java, I get jittery. I am tempted to ask them, "Do you know my ex?" Then I get anxious over what their response would be. I am afraid they might say; that tall, dark, lean guy with black silky hair from the crown of his head to … Continue reading A Half Baked Man

You Don’t Say No To Panda

Milly is a 28 years old single mum who caught herself in a circle of affair she hadn't anticipated. She has so far healed and moved on with her life in peace and boost of an unconditional love for her offspring