My Cup of Hot Lemon

Friday's are unusually very long. Especially for me when I have a date with a story after work. My day job involves something far, very far, from story telling, but I get to hear more than enough stories before close of business. Like how this woman took a loan from the Bank for her ex-husband. … Continue reading My Cup of Hot Lemon

A Half Baked Man

Usually when someone asks me to meet at Java, I get jittery. I am tempted to ask them, "Do you know my ex?" Then I get anxious over what their response would be. I am afraid they might say; that tall, dark, lean guy with black silky hair from the crown of his head to … Continue reading A Half Baked Man

The Early Bird Caught The Worm

When Moses came to fetch for me, he bound himself to bring me back in the twinkling of an eye. He stood by his word. It did not take long before I could feel the stretcher on the move down the hallway. “Move! Excuse!” That rich husky voice must have belonged to Moses, the charismatic … Continue reading The Early Bird Caught The Worm