Je t’aime

It's those big arms that press my head to your chest I love to write about Katerina. Because she doesn't mind that I write about her or that I use her real name. It's not often we find friends who allow us to write about them and so when we do, we are cautious to … Continue reading Je t’aime


My Thirty Cents

"How does it feel to be thirty?" The older the Berry...? If you have watched The Men's Club, then are you familiar with the phrase. That's not the point anyway. I'm in a Nganya somewhere along Ngong Road as I write this. Nganya, for my people in Diaspora, is a bus. Not any ordinary bus. … Continue reading My Thirty Cents

By The Edge of The Bridge

I must have given him so much power that he's reigned for years un-opposed. I have been his devoted puppet, always ready to jump at any jerk of the string. Brian gained access into my life to the degree that he logs in and out at his convenience. When he's logged out, all my calls … Continue reading By The Edge of The Bridge

Worthy Of Love

Babe! Wine on me tonight, you in? She asked. Always. I said in jest. Haha! Did I really need to ask? The question should have been, "Red or white"? Noted. Shall we do this again? Haha, Let's pretend it's what you asked and I'll say red. Ah! You too? Red wine is for fussers. Women … Continue reading Worthy Of Love

The Foot of Thompson Falls

I find a shedload of peace at the foot of Thompson Falls My people, do you remember Joel? We talked about him here. The tall black guy I met in a matatu that evening the rains flooded the streets of Nairobi...Remember now? Well I needed a saviour and the shoe fit him perfectly. Because a … Continue reading The Foot of Thompson Falls

Love Deserves A Day

Wine O'clock Silence please! A minute... All you people from the back there... a minute please! I know you are excited. I can see it from those cheerful eyes. You should be. It's a beautiful morning/afternoon/night (dependent on whichever part of the world you're reading from) I will be very brief. I can see some … Continue reading Love Deserves A Day

Let Me Take From My Cup

My mind has been wandering a lot lately. Whenever I sit behind this keyboard to talk about Joel, I get lost in my thoughts. My imagination begins to overlap with reality and I start to worry over things unrelated to the task. I eventually delete everything and tuck myself to bed believing it was some … Continue reading Let Me Take From My Cup

Divided Attention

When we fight, we go at it tooth and nail. We will be standing toe to toe at each other’s throats exchanging ugly words nearly scratching each other’s eyes out and splitting hairs. We will make an issue of something and we will cross swords fighting like cats and dogs. It’s unhealthy but also therapeutic. … Continue reading Divided Attention

Un-cry My Tears

What If; So what if I still check under my bed? Before getting into bed; my bed that lacks warmth, At mid night, Just in case the thief sneaked in through the cracks, Only for him to wake me before the crack of dawn, Just when sleep could no more shun my yawn, Just when … Continue reading Un-cry My Tears


I was his mint chocolate chip. Whatever it is Gab saw in me, is still a mystery. I was at my lowest. I always had on loose-fitting pants and t-shirts to hide my skin-and-bones. I had lost too much weight from the stress I was battling at the time. I had come from a marriage … Continue reading Hopelessness

A Blessing In Disguise

Aatma is slavishly beautiful. She has marble eyes - bright and beautiful; they let her see things you cannot see. Like the expression on your face when you make a mistake. Should she gaze at you, she'll certainly reduce you to ashes.Her skin tone is a shade of brown; moderate brown and she stands at … Continue reading A Blessing In Disguise