Divided Attention

When we fight, we go at it tooth and nail. We will be standing toe to toe at each other’s throats exchanging ugly words nearly scratching each other’s eyes out and splitting hairs. We will make an issue of something and we will cross swords fighting like cats and dogs. It’s unhealthy but also therapeutic. … Continue reading Divided Attention

Un-cry My Tears

What If; So what if I still check under my bed? Before getting into bed; my bed that lacks warmth, At mid night, Just in case the thief sneaked in through the cracks, Only for him to wake me before the crack of dawn, Just when sleep could no more shun my yawn, Just when … Continue reading Un-cry My Tears


I was his mint chocolate chip. I often puzzled about whatever it is Gab saw in me. I was at my lowest. I always had on loose-fitting pants and t-shirts to hide my skin-and-bones. I had lost too much weight from the stress I was battling at the time. I had come from a marriage … Continue reading Hopelessness

A Blessing In Disguise

Aatma is slavishly beautiful. She has marble eyes - bright and beautiful; they let her see things you cannot see. Like the expression on your face when you make a mistake. Should she gaze at you, she'll certainly reduce you to ashes.Her skin tone is a shade of brown; moderate brown and she stands at … Continue reading A Blessing In Disguise

Talk To My Lawyer

Do you remember that Monday evening I told you I was meeting Masha? Yes? Okay we met. I know y'all waited for the bluez last Monday but I was cruising somewhere I couldn't be here. But here we are today. So, currently Masha lives within my hood. We had to meet at a local. Not … Continue reading Talk To My Lawyer


SOMEHOW! Today, I woke up with some Adele in mind,I remembered my High School cubical buddy, Bridget,She had this strong euphonious voice; one very pleasing to the ear.She loved Adele’s songs.That’s how I knew Adele.That’s how I knew Someone like youI remember dedicating it to the first boy that broke my heart.I remember writing down … Continue reading SOMEHOW

Local HeartAche

Jared, (not his real name) called me one evening. I have not known his voice to have any kind of emotions. I have known him long enough to know he has a savorless speech pattern. Just flat. We went to the same school at some point. We were never really close though. I will not … Continue reading Local HeartAche

Open Letter To My Daughter

Dear Little Seventh Heaven, For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you. I'm not such a great fan of mirrors. May be because I'm very shy. The image in the mirror will go something like, "damn girl! you sexy piece of sh*t..." then I will feel sheepish and be … Continue reading Open Letter To My Daughter

My Cup of Hot Lemon

Friday's are unusually very long. Especially for me when I have a date with a story after work. My day job involves something far, very far, from story telling, but I get to hear more than enough stories before close of business. Like how this woman took a loan from the Bank for her ex-husband. … Continue reading My Cup of Hot Lemon