Love over Fear

Hey guys! Would lend me your ears a minute. No, three, at most. Okay? Ok! So, is there anyone in this room who does not appreciate the magical feeling of being in love? Anyone? Love, God’s gift to humanity, is a cake, your flavor of choice, so sweet that everyone wants to partake, right? We all yearn to be overcome by feelings of warmth, care and affection, don’t we?

That may pass as merely rhetorical, with an assumption that you all take pleasure in matters of the heart. But I know that does not sit well with some of you. I can see the look in your eyes. I understand everyone has fallen in different situations and that some of you haven’t had it easy. I know! You are the folks I’m talking to here today. You who, even when you’re lucky enough to be offered love, you will never take it with open arms. You are edgy; your imagination of worst-case scenarios, will rob you off the joys of what could be.

I understand you are scared. Scared stiff of romance. I can see that note of hysteria in your eyes. Those narrow unblinking eyes. You are afraid of getting hurt and the thoughts of love and commitments, are like needles jabbing at your skin. I know. Fear, in most cases, stem from past love that turned sour. Those relationships that did not work out as envisioned. You guys are wearing disappointments from your past like a hideous bling and it’s preventing you from experiencing the bliss of love again. You fail to realize this one paramount nugget of wisdom: Wounds from previous relationships may never entirely heal until the day you’ll experience the sun-rays of true love. Those rays are sugar to the spirit. Meeting someone new, is a recommended remedy to overcoming the heartaches of a past relationship.

Gainsayers will tell you not to fall in love. That you will get hurt. If I was given a penny for my thoughts, I would call that a false fabrication. While it is true that love does rub us the wrong way once in a while, this should never be the reason why you should miss out on its many magical experiences today. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone. Just because road accidents are a pandemic, does not deter you from travelling, does it? Don’t be so afraid of getting hurt that you end up passing up on the chance of being loved. Savor the moments brethren. It is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

Love gives us a warm sense of home and a more positive frame of mind that lights our inner hearth. Next time when those fuzzy emotions come about, do not try to strangle them. You could be missing out on the most wondrous moments that could become your life. Instead of running away because life handed you a piping hot bowl of sh*t in the past, how about you smack your demons in the face? Easier said than done right? I know. But try it anyway. Should you be granted a chance to be in love, by all means grab it. No matter how much you’ve been hurt before, no matter how inadequate you might feel… Do not let your fears triumph over love.


PS: I claim no rights to the photo.


4 thoughts on “Love over Fear

  1. My take home:-
    “Should you be granted a chance to be in love, by all means grab it.”

    Love is a beautiful thing. Very beautiful indeed.

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  2. Love is complicated yet the most beautiful thing. Sadly you can only allow yourself to be loved,if you love yourself. You can’t seek what you lack.
    Very great piece wanjiku.

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    1. I sort of feel like some people learn to love themselves from how their environment treats them. To some extent,being loved encourages us to love ourselves. Thank you mamaa for finding home here😊


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