I Can Fall For You Forever.

In the midst of the darkness that covers love,
a darkness so black,
blacker than the fiery Africa’s slaves,
I thank the nature of heart.
It loves and believes even in it’s brokenness.
Mine, finds pleasure in loving you.
I can fall for you forever.

Meeting you was like…
like listening to John Legend’s Nervous,
for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite.

“…Yeah, I still get nervous,
when you walk through the door and you look in my eyes.
it feels like the very first time.
I still get nervous,
when your lips hit my lips and the fire works fly,
sending sparks through the air like the fourth of july.
I can fall for you forever…”

I wish I could explain;
how the sound of your voice gives me a belly full of monarchs and swallowtails.
Or how your smile makes my heart flutter,
Like a dog off the leash.
Or how being curled up in your arms,
with our fingers intertwined feels like seven minutes in heaven.
How the softness of your breath,
on my neck fill me with a warmth of real happiness.
It’s like watching the sun sinking below the Ocean.
You sir, I can fall for you forever.

I wish to tell you;
That I do not have a lot to offer.
But you have all of me.
I will give you long hugs,
Sweet messages,
And a shoulder. I hope that’s enough.
Loving you is climbing the gates of heaven.
Which I do everyday.
I can fall for you forever.



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