Dawa That Heals Heartbreak

Hey there people. Happy New Week! I know it’s been a coons age yes? I am sorry I kept you this long. Katerina, I see you there smiling already. Thairu, I see you sir. Cphie, I can see the anxiety ma’am. Anna Banana, I see you looking at me with contempt about to ask me to explain the absence; breath in, breath out… keep that peace. I am here now. Y’all know no matter how long I go, nikikam we still murder the show sindio? Thank you for your patience. Also, I have come bearing gifts; assist me in welcoming new members to our committee. Maua, I see you there. Karibu. Let’s give them seats and show them where we store our wine glasses. Karibuni guys. For the sake of you all that have not been here before, my name is Wanjiku (both literally and metaphorically) I found my niche in story telling (writing) and that is how this community here was born. So feel at home. You are in the right place.

Now, allow me to be a little basic only for today before we embark on our normal #MondayBluez. Let me just mention that I have been away not for anything else, but for Political reasons. By now you all know. I want to say it was a good experience even though the outcome was not as I would have wanted it to be. The best is that some of the stories we shall be sharing for the next couple of months, will actually be of the people I have had the pleasure of interacting with over those two months. You see! It was not all in vain. So buckle up folks. The ride will be bumpy. But as usual, we shall rejoice and be glad.

Like I said I want to be very basic today as I touch on my experience. I won’t delve so much on it because it is a very delicate affair and I have no intention of breaking any glasses this early. So tutapitia juu juu every once in a while until we can cover it all. One of the most tasteless comments I have come across the streets during that campaign period was, “usiweke siasa kwa roho.” How do you mean? That and telling folks, “Don’t Drink and Drive.” Is the same thing if you ask me. These Audi and Subaru menz will drink on their journey to Naivasha for WRC, drink on their stay and drink on their way back and ain’t nobody gon tell them sh*t. Whenever I saw that absurd comment, even when it was not addressed to me, I would respond kimoyomoyo with; “Calm down boo-boo, achana na landa setu. Tukitaka tutaweka kwa roho zetu sio zenu and if it ends in premium tears, it will be our tears bana, not yours ala!” For some of us, we take this politics business very seriously. We no longer flow with the current, because we understand that politics is a game of interests. Therefore, we have got to weigh the costs and benefits of entering someone’s battle. In simple terms, if you have nothing to lose, then you have nothing to fight for.

As I write this, It’s Sunday 21st August 2022. The time on my clock reads 1637hrs. It’s cosy out here because the sun has finally landed in Nairobi after a prolonged winter season. I can now take off my blue beret and not look like a traitor because I will accuse the heat. I am at JAVA Karen. Seated on the furthest corner on the inside-outside next to a window facing Shell. My attention is currently carried away by these two Maroon Subaru Foresters parked next to each other just outside my window. I wonder if they parked together by coincidence or on purpose. If they are best friends or spouses, then that would be the perfect friendship and or Couple Goals this year. Leave alone matching hoodies and vitenges.

While on that trail of thought, my order arrives. My usual. Fries with Chicken Wings and a cup of Dawa. There’s no time to allow the meal to sit on the table. I am eager to dig in. I notice this guy on the table adjacent to mine, on my right, throwing edgy glances at me. Well, one reason I chose this very table fam, I learnt from Thufir of Frank Herbert’s Dune that as a writer, always pick a position where you can see everyone. And, from the edge of my right eye, I can tell Kevin is looking at me. Okay! I’m not sure about his name but I labeled him so because he looks like my friend Otiende. Not entirely though, only the skin texture. His skin looks like one that shiver with nostalgia, at the sight of Shower Gel. I could get into trouble with my friend for airing his linen here without consent. Also, I risk him going back on taking that photo of the year we committed to take before this year lapses. But Hey, since I know you are reading this too, Otiende, before you retaliate, let me promise you in the presence of my committee that I will send you a package of Shower Gel (of your choice) over Christmas to settle this score. I come in peace my friend. Hehe! See, men who use shower gel, ah! With beards of without, ah! You are the chip in chocolate chip. You are the ade in lemonade. You are a blessing to hu-MAN-ity. You know, there’s way too much fumes in this City that every girl deserves a good smelling man.

I was talking about Kevin with his awkward glances before I went off the tangent eh.. Now he has whispered something to his partner, this chic with white-on-black braids. She has on a wide black belt over her white shirt and blue jeans. They both turn to look at me with a sheepish smile. I smile back, sheepishly too. I knew it. He must have told her to check out how I was hovering on the wings like some bee over a field of flowers. I am not even sorry. This folk and knife set on my table are as irrelevant as the K in knife. I have experienced too much lose this season that I can not afford to lose any bit of my barbecue sauce. I have got to dig with my fingers please. People know JAVA for coffee. Well, that’s their brand anyway, as for me, they’re about these wings and Dawa. Aki! their Dawa heals heartbreaks. When I’m here, with Wings and Dawa, words fall into place like cogs. They drive my scribbling spirit until my muscles burn. Me, wasee, I am hurt by Baba’s lose in this election. I was rooting for him because I knew that 6k would have been of service to me. That meant I could afford to bill for Wings and Dawa more often which then means y’all would never run short of our #MondayBluez. I am still hurting. I would rather have had Baba as the 5th because that man deserves. But then again, is the reality of Politics about who deserves more than the other? Naah! Politics is like a game of chess, any wrong move and your opponent check-mates you when you least expect.

One of those things I am sure of today, is that Raila Odinga will go down in history as the most Resilient Leader Kenya will ever record. A man who loved this Country more than this Country loved him. A man who lived more lives than a cat; he’s got the true spirit of a Phoenix. A man who gave more than he was given. Agwambo is a Legend. Hail Agwambo, Hail! Some of you will never get this, which is okay. It’s like trying to describe the northern lights to someone who hasn’t seen them. You can describe the colors or the shapes of the bending arcs of kaleidoscopic light, or the way it looks like the sky is breaking open in the most beautiful way but until someone sees it for themselves, they won’t really understand.

Also, despite my political affiliation, I have never found it hard to admit that Dr. William Samoei Ruto will be remembered as the smartest, most humble and clear thinker politician in Kenya and Africa as a whole. From his days in YK ’92 to date, and going forward. He too is a Legend already made.

So, here at Wanjiku’s space we are all one community. Regardless.

Next week, we resume our normal programming. See you then.



7 thoughts on “Dawa That Heals Heartbreak

  1. Let’s have “dawa” one of these fine days. If I was a man I would marry you for one reason. Your loyalty! Yaani ile ya if you die you die πŸ˜†.
    We missed you though. It’s good to have you back madam πŸ₯‚

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  2. I want to protest, Aah I was already excited about Kevin then you introduced the ladyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..wueh! I thought leo utatupea za mubabaz πŸ˜…πŸ˜….

    Welcome back..nice piece

    Liked by 1 person

  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Finally
    I would like more Intel on your political journey and how you viewed Baba in detail…
    Agwambo deserves a whole blog to himself.
    Kwa the Shower Gel guy, get him the Imperial Leather package… The blue cool fragrance is paradisiacal

    Liked by 1 person

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