A Sip for Mothers

Mother’s are Heroes too

It’s such a dull morning today. Or is it just me? Anyway, we are going to rejoice and be glad in it whatsoever, sindio! We shall all make it lovely. And before we proceed, I am serving special tea today. Say what there? You said something at the back there? Wine? Haha No! No wine today. The mood is sober. Let’s move one by one, from here, visit this table of my left, serve a cup then take our seats. Okay? Feel comfortable. Serve your tea as you like it.

I do not intend to take much of your time so we’re going to tackle our agenda as we take from our cups. As you all know we’re here to give honor to all mother’s across the globe. There’s no role in this life more essential than that of motherhood. A sip for mums! You are superheroes.

In that spirit, let us all observe a moment of silence for these two kind of mums; Every mum that has carried pregnancy only to lose their baby during or before birth. I can imagine how that blows’ and I’m utterly sorry for every woman that has had to deal with it. A sip for that mum. You are a superhero. To Every mum that has lost a child, at 6 months, 2 years, 10 years, Teenage, young life; child loss at whatever age, also, I can only imagine the pain, the frustration, the anger, the denial…. I am sorry for the grief you have had to deal with. A sip for that mum. You are a superhero. I am sorry for cutting onions this early morning. More sips to relax our nerves.

You see, sucessfully making a baby is naturally the fun part. However, pregnancy, labor and delivery, are extremely emotional and largely uncontrolled. To every mum that has had it rough during pregnancy, every mum that it smooth, every mother that has had a rough delivery and one that has had it smooth. However you had it, a sip for you. You are a superhero.

Now, this other mum deserves a full cup. Let’s refill. This woman with a waiting womb. I don’t know in exact how that gets you. But I know it hurts. I know it hurts you to see pregnant women out here. You’re probably wondering why not you. I know it hurts you to see other women are out here flaunting their babies. It almost feels like they are doing it to torment you. That’s normal and it’s understandable. I know it hurts when people take it higher to ask you when you’re planning to get a baby ignorant to everything you have had to deal with. Feeling that type of way doesn’t make you bad people. It’s human nature and some of these events are beyond us. Receive this hug and feel encouraged today and every other day. Wherever you’re reading this from, let’s believe together that your turn is coming. You too are superheros. A sip for that waiting mum.

A sip for every expectant mum today. Every mum delivering today. Future mums, teenage mums, step mums. Every mum raising a child/children alone. Every mum that has had to travel abroad leaving their child/children behind in search of greener pastures. Every mum with a differently abled child. All you mums are superheroes and you deserve a day in celebration of all the strength you sometimes have had to fake just so your kids could draw from it. Let’s all raise our cups in honor of mums.


Sign: With Love



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