Love Deserves A Day

Wine O’clock

Silence please!

A minute…

All you people from the back there… a minute please!

I know you are excited. I can see it from those cheerful eyes. You should be. It’s a beautiful morning/afternoon/night (dependent on whichever part of the world you’re reading from) I will be very brief. I can see some of you are already looking at me from the top on the lenses. Bare with me lads. This is going to take a minute, I promise.

Y’all are looking splendid really. Ladies, what do you intend to do with those red lips today? Come again! You wan’ do what? Anyways, none of my business. Whatever you do to spice your day ensure you stain a shirt. Let the effect of those lips hung on him for days. Ah! I’m in awe. Please! Raise your glasses where I can see them. Let’s toast to love! It’s a beautiful thing. It deserves a day in honor.


So, coms it’s that time of the year again.

There’s a bunch of people who don’t subcribe to the events of this day at all. And then there’s you and me. Hey! Pick a glass. I’m serving red Shiraz. I know there’s a lot of controversy all over the World over it’s true origin and sybolism. But hey! whichever side you choose to stand, It’s already a big deal and clearly, it will go on for decades to come. So y’all go ahead and celebrate it if you want, however you want and let no one dim your light.


I know love is an everyday thing but it deserves a day in honor.

You might not afford to buy them roses and chocolate every day when the price of bread and milk is escalating. You cannot afford to buy them a pair of heels or sneakers every month while the price of food staff, diapers, school fees and all those bills are on a constant uphill. You may not hack to tell them you love them every day because, truth be told, there are days you want to smack their face so hard to leave prints that will remind them they have been a pain. There are days you are tired of trying you want to pack out of their lives and cut ties. There are those days you look at their annoying face and almost give in to the temptation to loose their seacock. There are days you crave time alone, maybe because you subconsciously caught some bad vibe at work or business screwed your spirit but your patner won’t leave your space. All the days you spend together, some you torelate while others you enjoy. Some days you’re the one throwing a fit of temper while on others you’re forced to be the bigger person. So yeah! Love deserves a day.

Cheers to today! Cheers to releasing all the pressure; Forget those bills. Forget the bad vibes. Forget the flaws. Fix whatever you have broken. Forget the anger. Forget the ugly moments. Remind yourselves why you came together in the first place. Tell them how safe it is to have them in your life. Remind them their beautiful smile still sends tingles on the skin of your lower back. Remind him locking eyes with him still makes your heart thrumb like you were high of caffeine. Remind them they are the reason. Tell each other everything you don’t do regularly when you are caught up in the hustles and bustles of the streets. Buy them that which you can. Write them a note or send them a text. Do it now if you haven’t already.

Now, I said this would take a minute, forgive my manners. Go ahead and enjoy the rest of your day. This gathering is adjourned. Go yee sons and daughters. Do that which favors you. Because yeah! Loves deserves a day.

Remember I am serving wine. Pass by my desk on your way out.

Happy Valentine’s!


Yours Scribbler.



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