The Foot of Thompson Falls


I find a shedload of peace at the foot of Thompson Falls My people, do you remember Joel? We talked about him here. The tall black guy I met in a matatu that evening the rains flooded the streets of Nairobi...Remember now? Well I needed a saviour and the shoe fit him perfectly. Because a … Continue reading The Foot of Thompson Falls


Love Deserves A Day


Wine O'clock Silence please! A minute... All you people from the back there... a minute please! I know you are excited. I can see it from those cheerful eyes. You should be. It's a beautiful morning/afternoon/night (dependent on whichever part of the world you're reading from) I will be very brief. I can see some … Continue reading Love Deserves A Day

Let Me Take From My Cup


My mind has been wandering a lot lately. Whenever I sit behind this keyboard to talk about Joel, I get lost in my thoughts. My imagination begins to overlap with reality and I start to worry over things unrelated to the task. I eventually delete everything and tuck myself to bed believing it was some … Continue reading Let Me Take From My Cup