Un-cry My Tears

What If;

So what if I still check under my bed?

Before getting into bed; my bed that lacks warmth,

At mid night,

Just in case the thief sneaked in through the cracks,

Only for him to wake me before the crack of dawn,

Just when sleep could no more shun my yawn,

Just when the muscles have lost grip,

Just when the lighting bulb feels like it’s piercing hard through my dimming eyes,

And the sheets are cold at my feet.

The ache slumbers

What if;

I’m still of soft heart?

So soft I still cry hard since you left,

A moment so unkind that was,

Since we argued over idiosyncrasies.

My body twitches at the mention of your name,

These memories torture me,

I’m smashed to the heart,

Beneath my ribs with a terrible ache,

It’s a lump in my throat,

It troubles me.

The ache stops when I sleep.

So what if it never goes away?

What if I can’t hide my sorrow?

This sadness too much for the flesh and blood.

What if I have nothing to say, except tears and torment?

What if all bridges have been crossed and ours is lost and gone?

I know the broken pieces will fit eventually,

For now, everything is just rough and misery.

The space in my heart is so big, the emptiness so loud and the beat is lost.

Only beating to Tony Braxton’s ‘Unbreak My Heart’

Take back that sad word, “Goodbye”

Hey there coms! I am aware we missed our committee session yesterday over #MondayBluez. My apologies. I was experiencing some bit of brain fog. I tried self medicating with a couple cups of coffee but failed spectacularly. I did meet Josh over the weekend but could not put up his story as it’s our ritual since I didn’t give it proper justice. Allow me to inhale some of these cold air and meet you here next week on Monday.



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