Today, I woke up with some Adele in mind,
I remembered my High School cubical buddy, Bridget,
She had this strong euphonious voice; one very pleasing to the ear.
She loved Adele’s songs.
That’s how I knew Adele.
That’s how I knew Someone like you
I remember dedicating it to the first boy that broke my heart.
I remember writing down the lyrics and sending them to him,
Just to be sure he got the part that said,
Never mind I’ll find someone like you…

I had to get someone like him,
I discovered John Legend,
Ah! His voice! Damn!
I remember dedicating All of me to another boy.
Not so long after.
I remember me about sending his photo to my Adele boyfriend,
You know,
To prove to him I found someone,
Someone like him,
But No! He wasn’t like him. He was darker and shorter. And he couldn’t play the flute.
Somehow, we often want to believe the person we got is better,
Better than we had prior,
Even when they not.

I still believe in love,
If not for anything true out here,
Just for the way I do it,
The way I love.
The way I still dedicate songs.
So today, If I had me a lover,
It wouldn’t be Adele, it wouldn’t be John Legend,
It would be me writing poems,
It would be me parroting Nikita kering’s I’m Happy with You

Somehow, I was to meet Masha last Saturday but she decided she had better errands to run other than hurt her caboose narrating her story. That’s the reason we don’t have our usual Monday Bluez. But I am meeting her in the next hour and we shall carry out our ritual next week without fail.

See you next week Monday at 4pm com’s.


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