Me – I Don’t Listen!

Listen, I don’t listen!

I read a post from a Kenyan man on twitter some time ago that said, “women love watching movies with subtitles because they don’t listen.” I took it literally. Me I don’t listen. And don’t come here telling me that I said you shouldn’t use ‘me’ and ‘I’ together in a sentence. I know I say that often, Ok? I chose to anyway. Perhaps because it tickles my fancy or because I have learnt too well that wine is sweeter than water and that rules are more thrilling when defied; just like most of you have your masks hanging somewhere between the neck and mouth only to pull them up in sight of an officer. I wonder how hard it is to just wear it right or not wear it at all. I remember distinctly back in those science lessons where we were told cannabis is a harmful drug but oh well…hehe! Sijasema kitu mimi.
Oh shoot! Sorry I’m straying from the point. Let’s come back.

I’m not a movie person; except for a few of Tyler Perry’s. I’m a poor listener too. Truth be told. And yes, I love to watch movies with subtitles because my concentration span, with regards to listening, ah! It’s so damn wanting my guys. I’m uncertain whether this has anything to do with me being a woman or it’s just me as a person. I get easily distracted, especially once I fail to get the drift in the first three minutes; I start to receive random memories; Like how as a kid, I thought I was a good dancer and that the congregation at Restoration Church Mutuini watched me in awe. Lol! It was until I watched myself dance from a videotape taken during my auntie’s kamweretho where my cousin and I felt the urge to show off our prowess, that all my self-esteem drowned and the body was never recovered. I also start remembering how a certain teacher made me believe I could toa nyoka pangoni when he nick-named me JLO. Kumbe ’twas because of my name Jeniffer and not because I could sing like Jennifer Lopez. Poor child!

Have I digressed again? Sorry guys. I’m trusting you’ve not lost the drift. I am so certain we’re now clear on why I’ve never watched GOT. Also explains why I’d rather watch Tyler Perry’s series; these ones you grasp even on mute. Also explains why I prefer gengetone over hip-hop, ah! I just can’t listen that much. Alafu that English huni-suffocate. Ah, I can’t!Remember on an earlier post where I said me dating an extrovert is a Chinese puzzle? these lot talks too much and I just cannot concentrate. Most of us introverted hermits just want total silence sometimes. Other than that, we love descresion with most, if not all of our affairs, but these extroverts just don’t know when and where to draw the line. I’m not saying they’re bad people anyway. I know you know what I mean, yes? Yes.
Do you guys remember my blogger boyfriend, (the post before the previous one) that one was an extroverted extrovert, jesus! You don’t wanna know the number of times he embarassed me infront of friends with his never ending talks. To him it was no big a deal but then he forgot too many times of our contrasting personalities. Worst of all, he failed to read all the signals I’d throw at him indicating that he was entering the ‘No-go-Zone‘. Lo! I concluded that all extroverts are poor line drawers. So after we broke up, I swore to never compromise on extrovercy and introvercy. Me and extroverts, we’re immiscible. They make very good friends though, especially when you need to break the silence.

As I conclude, let’s all agree that extroverts are great company even though I said what I said. Tap yourselves on the back for annoying us with your noise and making us laugh till we cry.

Pen down, Bye guys. Have a great week!

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