Out To Uncover My Boaz

It’s a new dawn

“…I found total happiness in your smile
I can’t hurt you, haina faida for gown white ya snow ikifagia floor…” King Kaka

Weeh! Si mtu tu aniandikie such words mahali.
Yani I’m so ready for someone’s son to sugarcoat some mere words ndo tu nijue if my heart is still working.

I have in every way been comfortable being single; or rather I thought I was, until I heard that You song by Tokodi ft King Kaka. I have it on repeat mode and it has been making my stomach flip over every time it’s on play.
This song comes 3rd on my playlist after Alikiba’s Dodo and Otile ft Meddy’s Dusuma. Not by order of merit though. It’s by date of release from 1st. I don’t understand which criteria Ezekiel Mutua uses to determine which songs to ban, but I strongly feel some of these artists should be considerate while writing songs to their women. Gosh! They should know that some of use are single and that we will be jealous once they produce such sounds, damn! This song has my blood singing and my body thrumming as though rushing on mojito.

My committee members, is this a sign indicating that the waters are receding? Is this when to send out a raven or just save on time and send out a dove right away? After 28 months of singlehood and with no entanglements whatsoever, I feel it’s good time I walked in on my Boaz, uncovered his feet and just lay there till he wakes, cause ah! He seems to be making very slow moves abi!
By the way, in case you’re wondering, I love to count my time in months instead of years same way I count my weight in pounds instead of kgs to make them sound more.

To be honest, this is for me the longest I’ve been single. No, I’m lying. If I were to be really really honest, out of the 28, I’ve been truly single for the last 8. I spent the other 20months very much tender towards Sam, my ex boyfriend. (not his real name) I spent them wading through and reliving our memories. I spent them recalling the day we broke up how we stupidly lied to each other how we were not going to move on too soon; he specifically insisted I was going to move on before he even blinked because wasichana wa Nairobi move on to the next barely two months into breakup. Here I am 28months later and I cannot say the same about him lol. I don’t want to tell you how I cried myself silly when I heard he married barely 6months later. Wasichana wa Nairobi huh! Ok! While I spent my 20months collating every lad that came knocking. I’d be like, ah! This one doesn’t text like Sam, pass! This one doesn’t laugh like Sam, pass too! This other one, he doesn’t call my name like Sam, ah pass! This one doesn’t look at me like Sam, bruh, si you pass! I gave them all a kick in the teeth, except one. Let’s call him Sammy II (not his real name either). His is a story for another day but just so we’re clear, I didn’t date him, I simply allowed my heart go a little nuts about him without his knowledge or consent. Perhaps because he had similar traits to those of the first Sam.

First off, they share the first name. It’s no wonder I’ve staged them here under the same name. Secondly, they both have dominant traits of melancholics (something I adore in my men) and with same stature. Although their physical appearances are strikingly different, they somewhat stirred-up matching fieriness within me.
Albeit, in all respects, I wonder whether it’s possible to love two people at the same time, and with equal intensity. Or, it could be that I was loving the first Sam through the second one, since they felt much the same to me. I don’t know.
But whatever the case, the last 8months, all that ceased to be a bother.

“So I am searching?” “For my Boaz, yes”


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