An Open Letter to my Daughter


Dear Love,

You are my ideal baby.

I feel like I have already said enough with those few words above. I mean, that should tell it all.

My love, I have no one word for you. However , I describe you as my Seventh Heaven from the kind of emotions you aroused in me the first time I set my eyes on you. My actual feelings that very moment cannot be explored let alone be explained. Don’t get it twisted though, mine was not a love at first sight. Babe, I loved you long before I saw you. There’s not a single moment I look at you and fail to remember those days you lived in my belly with so much nostalgia. In fact, I remember the excitement that clouded my entire being the very day I learned I was with child. I felt like a dog with two tails and I had a grin from ear to ear. That is not to say it was all glamour though. I’d be lying if I said it was. Somewhere inside of me, I did experience feelings of fear. Hell! I was scared. I did have many long days and nights wondering the kind of mother I’d make given my shortcomings. I had many conflicting emotions within and I questioned myself, literally. I was scared of failing you as a mum and a role model. I was scared of failing to give you enough. I was scared of giving you too much. I was generally threatened by motherhood. I felt insufficient in all aspects.

Today, am utterly proud of myself for having laid on the side of courage. Am a clam for having let you live in my womb then finally move in with me. You have given me yourself as a good enough reason to do life with the joys of spring. Everyday I pray prayers of Faith and speak words of Wisdom over your life. “Baby, you shall find unmerited favor in the eyes of God that those of the World. Your hands are blessed and everything you touch shall blossom. Your feet are gracefully fitted and everywhere you go, your name shall be Good. Good health is your portion. You shall lead a full life. Victory shall find a home in your home. Your mind shall birth great ideas; talk of inventions and innovations. When they’ll be talking of great women, you shall be on their lips. Your name shall be scribed in History Books. And, you shall be like that tree planted by the river, bearing good fruits and your offsprings shall be blessed.

Baby, you shall not take after me or those before me. No! Rather you shall take after Christ. Do not follow my footsteps. Yes, I will lead you, ’cause am your mama, but I shall have you walk beside me creating your own steps.

Babe, you’re smart, you’re strong, you’re powerful, you’re lovely, you’re wonderfully made, you ooze with confidence and wisdom. Superiority Complex is no where in your vocabulary. You sparkle, more like a diamond. You blow me off my feet with your astounding beauty, you melt every frozen part of my heart with your heavenly smile. And you’re eyes! Girl, they set me ablaze. I think God must have spent a little more time on you.

You are beautiful my love.

You are a phenomenal woman.

The day you sit to read this, I hope you feel all the feels I need you to feel. I hope it will elate you to know just how happy you made me. I hope my words will guide you as you tread through life. I say again, ponder upon Christ.

In good times and in bad, you’ll always be my little bubba. 😊

I love you.

Yours Momma,

Sign : Wanjiku the Writer

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