Time Changes Everything – My Two Cents

“Time changes everything.”
I got this three-word statement from a song written by Tommy Duncan. The lyrics tell of a failed romance and of the hurt that has healed. Each verse ends with:
“… time changes everything.”
I thought to myself, what and or who is this ‘Time’ that changes everything, and what in exact is this ‘Everthing’? (Scratching my head) I found it difficult to crack, I still do. I decided to consult my wingman, Mr-know-it-all. (google) because TIMES have changed and now EVERYTHING is on our laps if not our palms thanks to the fast growing technology. Ignorance in this day and age is an individual choice. I asked him what time is, he said, “it is the part of existence that is measured in minutes, hours, days, years…etc. For Everything, he said is, “all that exists, all that relates to the subject, all sorts of other things.” That at first confused me a little, but after a couple of minutes of meditation, everything changed, it made crystal sense. Wait! Did I just expose time changing everything? Yes? of course yes.

Time has proven to be the only determiner of the direction, cause and purpose of all things as well as persons. Allow me expound, personally, where I am today, in terms of thoughts, plans, ambitions, opinions, ideas, beliefs, mistakes, lessons… isn’t where I was five years ago. Neither is it where I thought I would be. I am completely far from my expectations back then. What is that? I call it time. Time changed everything.

Flash back to 5years ago;
I was in a well established fruity relationship. Not one those games we’re pulling nowadays. No! We were committed to a forever together. We literally promised ourselves to each other. And not just by words but also actions. By the way, I just remembered we would be getting married this year. Back then, my ideal age for marriage was at 25 – In other words I just told you how old I am – Lemmi stop digressing. We were doing pretty well, yani! I would have done everything to keep this relationship going. And when I say everything, I mean exactly what google defines as everything. But time threw a monkey wrench in our works. Everything changed. Fast forward to today, I am decisively single. Haha. In fact, I do not even have an ideal age for marriage. But like I said, time changes everything, and this is part of everything. It will change.

After this relationship unexplainably failed, I was left in a state of depression. I mean, he had been my everything. My end, my beginning, my point of focus…the bird on the patch. So when he left, he left with my everything. As in, it felt like the end of living. So, as for me, when I see persons ending their lives and or those of their beloved partners out a beautiful love gone sour, or even sulk themselves foolish in tears, I don’t judge. I know exactly how one gets there. I wanted to disappear, go on a self induced coma or something. The reality was too much to handle at that point. Though, before the final end, we have had several breakups. We would breakup to make up. Then, I believed them when they said, “if you love someone, let them go, if they come back, they were meant for you.” And so we kept circling each other round and round, time after time until time finally changed everything. Today, that same time has changed what I believed to, “if you love them, let them go, if they come back, set them on ‘fire’.

Time has seen the change of our Government system from Centralisation to Decentralisation. Devolution has enabled majority of Kenyans in remote areas accesses services they could never before. Now, if only our leaders could focus more on service delivery as well bring down the bureaucracies that come with them, We could climb higher.
Time has seen the massive growth in technology, infrastructure, agribusiness, women and youth empowerment etcetera etcetera. Time has seen our Nation grow. May be slow but steady.

Time has brought in different beliefs and practices; so what if they choose homosexuality? so what if they choose atheism? So what if they choose ‘my dress my choice’? So what if they choose to walk with their pants hanging far below their bottoms with their innerwares hanging loose in the air? Time has brought us thes changes, the best we could all do is accept and move on. Some call it aping the white man’s culture, I call it learning. I uphold the African way of life but anyone who has learnt something from the Westerns/Easterns, is a plus for me. We don’t all have to contend with it, but again, we cannot impose our believes on others just because we think we are right and they are wrong. Everyone is entitled to a free will. Let people define their own standards without discrimination of any kind whatsoever. Furthermore, the majority is not always right. Most are just clueless followers.

Time has seen me make bad decisions, some of which I regret and some that I am proud of because I used them to my advantage. I always advocate for regrets. They will always tell you not to regret but take the lesson. I on the other hand will always tell you to look at the other side of the coin. Regret those mistakes whenever you need to. Slap yourself hard, poke your eyes out, deep your finger inside your nose harder, insert your fingers down your throat and throw up, knock your head on a rock or a train terribly hard that you will never forget how painful it felt that you will never, in your right senses, repeat it again. Please, use regrets to your advantage. All the same, do not dwell there, move on woman! Come out of those regrets bigger and better. Hit the road again and again till it gets so hot. Time changes everything.

This is that generation where you have to take advantage of every opportunity that knocks on your door and even your neighbour’s door. Use everyone that looks usable. Even me. haha Step on everything, even on hot coal, to get to where you should be. Time changes friendships, acquaintances, relations… Use them to your advantage while they exist. I didn’t say you go hurting people, No. Be wise. Choose to become a slow one and everyone else will pass by you. Time changes everything.

But again be careful, do not be too hard on yourself, do not be too over cautious though. Stay focused.

Time changes everything.


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