The Miss Mutuini Beauty Pageant -Wanjiru Kariuki


We are in that generation where women are not just embracing revolution, but also taking femininity to the next level. I, JennyShiqu~thewriter, am a feminist. I am a woman’s advocate anytime anywhere. However, I always add that am also an anti-feminist. Some hardly understand how I can be both at the same time, yet they are the complete opposite of each other. Well, I cannot explain it either. But should I even attempt, I am capable of exhausting all vocabulary google has ever known, they say she knows everything, I can’t tell how true that is, but I know she knows much, too much knowledge for one head. I refer to it as a ‘she’ because I am talking about femininity here. Anyway, that is far from my point.

Wanjiru Kariuki

Then came Miss Mutuini Beauty Pageant

Beauty Pageant

This lady behind the Pageant, Wanjiru Kariuki and I have been friends for over an year now and believe me what we share is not just mere friendship. She is a Mentor, an Icon, that big sister I always wished for. She has been a rock.
She is one sophisticated fashion blogger, image consultant and stylist. Find her on The other day she reminded me how it all began. During the process of establishing her website, there’s this one time I accompanied her for her first photoshoot and the results were pathetic. Haha. Now she has allowed to laugh about it. Pathetic is even too shallow a word but for now, let’s just say it was that. The boys, posing as photographers, terribly cornered us, wasted our time and energy. But like she keeps saying, we don’t complain. That was a lesson, which is always part of every successful story. Looking at the other side of the coin, they  took off with our naivety and left us wiser than before. Wanjiru Kariuki’s journey has been to me, the real proof that God makes everything beautiful at it’s time. He indeed had it all laid out for her. Wanjiru Kariuki the Brand has been the talk of the town in the recent past na bado.

A few months ago, she gave me a call, she’s very engaging by the way. She’s that person whom you can be on call with for hours and not realise it. That’s besides the point anyway. To cut the long story short, she informed me of her intention to bring a Beauty Pageant closer home. “…and Jenny I want you to come for the auditions.” She said then hang up. ” Am not even built to fit a fashion model’s size” I thought. In fact the last thing in my mind always, is fashion. Am that girl who cares less, actually I think the right statement here is I don’t care about what’s new and what’s not. What’s trending and what’s not. So long as I have taken a shower, what goes with what is never anything for me to surmount. Ask me about the newest and the most trending Book or Author. There, I can guarantee you I never disappoint.
So now, here I was wondering why I should be even one bit interested in auditioning for this Pageant but all in all, Wanjiru being the friend she is, I gave it time, I gave a thought. One imaginary wise friend of mine once said, should you ever be presented with an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it, say yes then learn how to do it later.” This was that moment for me. I had the opportunity right here, and of course, I had the time. What did I have to lose by trying anyway? Nothing, in fact I had quit a lot to gain.


We did it. It was glamorous. It was dazzling. (They say it was lit.) Guys turned up far much more than we all expected. The crowd set the day ablaze, from young to old; men and women, businessmen, fashionistas, farmers, politicians, musicians, poets, dancers, students. Yani persons of all aspects were well represented. From all corners of Mutuini Ward. The turn up was super.


The crowd was smoking hot


This fateful morning, about two weeks to the event. I nearly quit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I was literary fed up. Today, take my word, I am still clueless on why I left home for practice that day. Worst of all, come the morning of the event, my other person almost refused to get out of bed. You know, most of these ladies who passed the auditions, were pretty much younger than me. OK, not that it was a bad thing. No! There were a few older, but the majority were the former. I somehow thought myself in the wrong place. My fellows were somewhere out there busy doing their staff and here I was struggling with catwalks. The one thing that had never crossed my mind in the first place. In my two decades. “I should be somewhere reading some Biography not modeling”(rolling eyes) But hey, who am I to quit? I am that lad who, when I set my mind to something, no matter how stupid, I pursue it. Except 8.4.4 of course. Haha forgive me but I just loathe the Kenyan System of Education. Yes, I just said that.
I do not regret not having quit the race, I tell you what, I learnt one thing. “Intelligence has no age.” There’s always a thing or two you can learn from different persons regardless of your age difference. I learnt quit a lot from these young but talented souls.

Miss Tourism Nairobi

My biggest motivator was and still is to date, the modeling trainer Cate, Miss Tourism Nairobi. I realised she’s two years younger than myself but she sounds years older. Her brain is just too much for me, lol. She’s got her poise right, which is what stood out to me about her. I am now learning to mentor and be mentored. Yes I am.

Miss Mutuini '16-'17

The Lord made this day, 18.12.2016, we rejoiced and made merry. We couldn’t all be crowned but we all had mad fun. Amongst the seventeen of us, we got our Queen who we proudly celebrate. She is a dashing beauty. Not plum, not lean, anyone can seen right through her gown that she’s got just the right amount of fat. She awesomely tall, has well aligned teeth that are visible whenever she pulls that smile that carries the capability of reducing anyone to ashes. That aside, she is one intellectually smart kid.


All the contestant were differently but equally beautiful. I kudos all of them for I know it wasn’t as easy. It wasn’t a walk in the park. They all gave in a lot of sacrifices and equal effort.

Runner's Up

The lady judges were just the thing.

Contenstants backstage

Wanjiru Kariuki’s task is a hard one. I don’t think I could handle it myself and so all I can pray for is that the Almighty continues supplying her with knowledge and wisdom. And grace her with much Grace. By the way her English name is Grace..hehe

Photo Credits:
Sammy Waweru
Steve Kagia
Geeh Christlove

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  1. This particular piece has made me go through your writings. Wow,,,,I have not interacted much with you but I must say you are talented.How you put words together,makes me want to keep on reading .Kudos Jenny

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