Is He More Attractive When Taken?

My Two Cents
Yes, he definitely is more beckoning when taken.

Because he is happily in love with the most beautifully dashing woman of his choice. The tantalising kind of woman;
The Proverbs 31 woman;
That woman that is worth more than rubies,
She brings him good more than harm,
She selects wool and flax,
She works with her hands,
She is like the merchant ships,
She gets up while it is still dark,
She provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.
She considers a field and buys it out of her earnings and plants a vineyard.
She sets about her work vigorously,
She sees that her trading is profitable,
Her lamp does not go out at night.
She holds her distaff in her hand and grasps the spindle with her fingers.
She opens her arms to the poor,
Extends her hand to the needy.
Has no fear over snow for all her household is clothed in scarlet.
She makes covering for her bed.
She is clothed with fine linen and royalty.
She is clothed with strength and speaks wisdom….” on and on it goes.
Love makes a man appealing, makes him super gorgeous. And believe me, every other woman out here, notices a taken man. Why? Of course, because he’s damn attractive.

To the man, it is never really about the number of kids he has or the car he drives. Look, he could have a million babies; first born; Architect, Second; Engineer; Lecturer, Comedian, chef, Journalist, Driver, Conductor, Bartender…etc But, ask them they will tell you, if the woman in his house isn’t the above kind, if she is the village gossiper, one always waiting for the neighbour’s daughter to get pregnant in her father’s house so that she can cram some juicy gospel to preach, one always waiting for the neighbours son to come home in the middle of the night shouting, hauling almost screaming the most embarrassing words, soaked in his own pee under the influence of the cheap local brew, so she can note down Breaking News for her mates the following morning over their rumor mongering chamas, the woman who is often impatiently waiting behind the curtains to spot her neighbour’s husband with another woman, so she can sell a story on Tomorrow’s Village Paper, that woman who actively looks forward to seeing how late her neighbour comes home so she can fill her diary with the number of times she has cheated on her husband and with who. A woman who is ever up to date with village News; Who beat the wife last night, who got auctioned earlier today, whose car broke down where. Yaani, a woman who literary knows everything about a lot of nothings and is always involved in village scums and fights. And here’s the worst of them all, adding salt to the injury, she is the woman who is so swift to raise her voice at him, (sigh)


This particular man, will be the most
unattractively frustrated man the World has ever recorded.

He is attractive when he is taken; every other Shantel, Shanice, Joleen, Pollyne, name them, all of them, will notice him and want him. Reason being? he is enticing, well fed, (both physically and emotionally). So now, when he’s getting all this crushes out here, be happy that you have taken him and he’s hence attractive. If you hadn’t, he wouldn’t be. Be happy that every other woman out here acknowledges that he has been taken by a responsible, Proverbs woman. Be happy that every other woman recognises that when he is this much attractive, you are the irreplaceable kind of woman.

He is more attractive when taken.
Take him. Posses him.

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