Woman! You Are Beautiful


… I rubbed my belly gently and I spoke with such passionate aggression hoping she could hear me…

“Dear Honeybunch,

First things first; my darling baby doll, let me start by saying to you that you are a product of a love so true, so pure, so beautiful, untainted, protected and cherished. Of a fragrance so sweet, so warm and heavenly, a universe in unison; from the love-beaming moon to the blistering of the stars in a satin-dark night up to the brilliance of the rays of a magnificient sunrise over the blues of the oceans and the greens of the plantations. You are a sum of 1+1=3, a result of a properly balanced chemical equation, a fully energized physical attraction; aligned with all the forces and laws of physics, a naturally mechanised biological process and edited grammatical seduction. You are a creation of two imperfect hearts forbidden to love but beat in perfect prime. You are a little seed of romance blossoming in the savannah. How beautiful you are my honeycomb. You are to me an impressively beautiful sachet of myrrh.
You are beauty defined.

Oh, how I love you my sugarplum; I love you more than mere words could ever describe. I could use my whole life to express my love for you but it would still be less a time to even come anywhere close to half the attempt. I would need extra decades, say like two or three or five or better still, seven, multiplied by seventy add like another ten then divide by one… I know am making less sense but it’s ok. I can explain. What I mean is this, my love for you sums up to infinity. It is immessurably intense. I love you from the posterior end of my feet, all the way up through my internals and externals; the tibia, up the femur, to the coxal, procceding up the spine, joins the clavicle, continues to the scapula, downs to the humerus, to the ulna and radius, straight into the metacarpal and the phalanges then bounces back to the neck and climbs up through the axis and the atlas to the top of the closet that houses my senses. If I were to bang my head on a train or knock it on wood to prove the authenticity of my love for you, baby girl, anything for you, I would do.

My pumpy-umpy-umpkin, I do not love you for your pretty wide smile that pulls your gummy-candy cheeks closer to thy beautiful ears. Take it from me my darling cuppycake, you have a heavenly smile that casts light upon your little dove-eyes which in turn actualizes your facial beauty. Your eyes are a crystal definition of the sunset beauty. There’s seldom a time I look at the sunset and not see your eyes. Whoever shall be disposed to finding any fault in them, let it never be a thing to contend with; they are cool and confident, inspiring and hard to turn away from.

I do not love you for your excellently designed mighty curves and edges; you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Allow no other define you otherwise as they are in the tendancy of doing. Let no other ever attempt to impose on you unrealistic images on how a woman is supposed to look in order to be considered beautiful and hence lovable. You are beautiful and lovable by default and this is a topic for deliberation with no man no woman, period! I know it’s easier said, trust me I know. I have seen a majority of women struggle accepting their natural bodies; either because they were made to feel too thin or too fat, mostly from those characters they saw in a movie or magazine or even told by an acquaintance. I am no exception. I have fallen victim of self-consciousness; acting proud of who I am while masking my true feelings with misplaced pride deep inside. My lovely gumdrop, I forbid you from ever falling into the devilishly-manipulated-temptation of sulking over some dude who could not notice all the beauty that lies beneath thy curves. Trust me he’s just blind and woe unto him. It’s his unfortunate lose and not yours to surmount. Never try to starve yourself or even consume chemicals, even go to deadly extreme lengths, to change an inch of your body to impress anyone. However, I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep fit.

I do not love you for your black beautiful skin. Whilst you forget the charm and pride of the black woman, just never forget this, the most of the most beautiful women, across the world, are black. Believe you me, true beauty lies underneath then skin, whatever the shade of the complexion. Anyone who dares say or treat you anything contrary to this, please! I implore you, snap your fingers top to bottom, swing your hair back (on their face) then walk away with head held high. (Call it the HHH attitude) Believe me when I tell you that Rights and Freedom, Respect, Intelligence and Honor are of no color, no religion and no gender. We are all brethren. No one is credited, whatsover, with the mandate to rate the level of your beauty, your intelligence, or your rights, under the specifications of skin color. He who should try that, under whatever circumstances, just know they have dug themselves a special grave.

Woman! You are beautiful from the inside out.”

Yours loving mummy,

…this, however, wasn’t the end of the monologue, it’s just the beginning.
For your curiosity, am not expectant but am, nethertheless preparing paths for my daughter. Simply because I do not want her to go down the same roads as me.

2 thoughts on “Woman! You Are Beautiful

  1. Immediately after that first part I was to write that congratulatory text we always send even when we don’t mean it… Then I thought, lemme finish so that the inspiration of a beautiful message will have come to me. Yeah I finished, just a little disappointed… But that up there is PROFOUND.. Hehe


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