Maisha ya Nairobi (Part I)


Life in the City

In this part of Nairobi Town, I here they call it Grogon, the SunRise was exceptionally beautiful this morning. (I don’t know about the other parts) This very site caught my attention and left my mind abit disturbed. For the last close to three weeks, I’ve been minggling with the men and women who work and or live in this place. The experience has been a humbling one. I believe God has placed me here for a good course.

I always thought, Nairobi town of as Classy, Sassy, High above cloud 9. See, being born and brought up in the rurals of Nairobi, and schooling in that same place,  going to town was in very rarely occassions. Actually close to never. And whenever we went in my younger years, it felt like Mexico (never been there though haha.) The farce about it being created by my old folks. So to me, Town was out of this World. I saw  Serena, NorFork, Garden Square, Glico Regency, Starnely, Panafric, Lifestyle, Galitos, Hilton, KICC, Times Tower, Archives… etcetra etcetra. And my impression was that this City is just heaven on earth. Till I got to this other side. Then I remembered Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The River Between.

Jared, a multimillionare, leaves all the above joints, comes to the locals in this place, amid all the mud, the gabbage, the sewer, to have lunch amongst the Njoroge’s (mechanics.) My boss, another loaded fellow, eats that local food, drinks that local tea and walks on that mud and gabbage.  Mark you it’s not that she cannot a meal at Villa Rosa, No. She has more than sufficient to fly her to London for breakfast, South Africa for Lunch and back to Nairobi for an evening bite. Furthermore she has enough to sponsor the Nation’s Economy. Oh yes, it’s that bad. But wonna know something? She chooses that githeri over two rolls of raw chapati mixed with pieces of flavoured meat (pizza). If such wealth belonged to some people, not mentioning names, I know this World would be too small for all of us. I know with zero doubt that they would go as far as pulling bullets on houseflies, believe me. Anyway, that’s besides the point. I want to believe my point is where it should be, home.

Without doubt, this place has taught me alot of humility, perserverance, endurance, hard work, hardwork (note the difference between the two) and plenty of patience.

City life is not all you see along the CBD… There’s LIFE in the outskirts. Real Life.

On Part II, I shall cover in detail whatever happens here at Grogon, Stay put. See you then.

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