I Stand For Kenya, I For Uhuru


Revised Edition: 3 May 2016

I stand with Kenya, I stand with Uhuru.

She called me Wanjiku,
I know not what it means,
She too knows not; and, whatever it means, it is of little consequence to my purpose.
I am Kenyan.

She said it’s tradition,
It is culture,
It is a common custom in this part of Kenya.
It is Agikuyu norm,
Identifies me as Gikuyu.
Nonetheless, I am Kenyan

Do I love to be Gikuyu? oh yes, with none abhorrence.
While the fact remains am Gikuyu, it is no reason for no man to single me out on whatever affair.
Me being from Central Kenya, grants no one no right to infringe on my rights.
Let thouest heareth me,
I am Kenyan

Gikuyu is no definition of me,
I deemeth myself no special than anyone for being so;
Kikuyu is a language I speaketh,
besides English and ‘swahili.
Gikuyu is a culture I shareth.
Point is, I am Kenyan.

I have not Gikuyu blood,
For therest not such blood,
We’re one blood,
Of a common Ancestor,
Common Creator.
We are all Brethren,
One Nation,
One People,image

With different mother tongues, Different cultures;
Cultures that needest be a source of National Income,
And not of National Bloodshed.
I marvel at the Nyayo Philosophy of Peace, Love and Unity.

I am That Kenyan,
Overflowing with unfeigned love for our Land,
With an indomitable sanguine determination to build our Motherland.

“I pledge my loyalty…”
Against all calumniators; ‘ey called we a hotbet of terror, in return, we allow them despise themselves for their baseness.

It is an invigorating fact,
that we are ably governed by a revolutionary sire.
A man richly bequeathed intellect, strength of reasoning, manliness of character, both fluent in language and eloquent in speech.
In him, there’s a fusion of head and heart.image

He is an ornament to the State.
It is necessary to mention that He is a true splendor of the Mountain.

signed: Wanjiku.

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