My Fantasy Wedding

To My Future Groom – (To Be Husband)

I believe you are out there somewhere.
Out there working yourself sick and making investments for a beautiful future we shall both share. As for me, I am.
One honest truth is that I’m the kind that fancy weddings – church weddings to be more particular.
I am a presbyterian. That’s besides the point anyway. All the same I do not mean that our marriage will be any less valuable with no wedding attached to it. Far from that.

I have been to quite a number so far and have more still to attend before my Day. And whenever I stop to think of what I’d want for my own, my heartbeat doubles and a thin sweat drips on my brow. And so I decided to put my thoughts down in words to give you a bird’s eye view of what I dream of.

My favourite color is blue. I have a number of colors that blend beautifully with it but since I do not wish to dominate, I hope your favourite colour fits in just right. If not, worry not.

Music is my other world.
Alittle bit of musical touch over here and over there.
The cake will definately take the shape of an acoustic guitar or a piano or even a saxophone. Besides music, poetry makes the other side of me and so there’ll be loads of poems flying in the air.
That being the case, I already have a breath-taking poem in store just for you. I hope it makes you tear if not cry.

Stunning is the word. It will be one of it’s own with a touch of Africa here and there. That’s just it. The rest I leave it to suspense till then.

If you are also of the myth that weddings are woman-centric and they should do all the shopping, then drop that notion my friend. It definately is wrong. You need to look your best, it’s your wedding day as well. You cannot and will not ignore yourself and leave everything to my choice. Remember your wedding attire will be a mirror of your personality and will show your taste, style and elegance.

A musical atmosphere.
A band playing harmonised melodies – I hope you love music like I do.
Brilliant flowers, blue ribbons tangled with yellow and pink one.

Vows we shall take. “Your dreams will become mine and mine yours (our dreams). Your soul shall be bound to mine and mine to yours and I will love you as my own soul.”
And when the moment that all wait for finally comes, I know you know which. ‘The kiss your bride moment’, Kiss her well while everyone is watching and make her friends jealous. I mean jealous in a good way of course.

Lets plant a tree after the church ceremony to seal our vows with life.

This is just every bit of it.
I’d rather we have the simplest of all weddings but this be an unforgetable experience. I’m made to believe it’s all about sharing the joy with family and friends and friends of friends.
Food and more food and drinks enough for every soul present. Chicken, beef, ‘pilau’, ‘chapatis’ ‘mokimo’ all kinds of African foods. Enough for everyone.
Sing, dance and make merry. It’s our day after all, we got to shake it all off. So if you are not a loosened up man, start getting prepared for that day.

How I pray that our life together will be a honeymoon. Despite the ups and downs, we shall strive to thrive.

My dream wedding isn’t made beautiful by a convoy of fancy cars, not by an expensive imported gown – mine will be a ‘made in Kenya’ and not by an in attendance of a large number of people. But by the love, the energy and the joint effort put into it. And by the ability to tickle our own interests.

Simple, beautiful and memorable.
Lord let it (the wedding) be your choice and not just it, but him too. Amen

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