Letter To My Unborn Daughter

Dear Assunta

Hang in there love, be not in a hurry to break out of those shells, here they call them Ovaries. This other side of life isn’t a piece of cake. The scoaching of the sun knows no man. The storms and earthquakes of life know no innocence. Just hold on and don’t you tire. Gather as much patience as you can while daddy and I lay a solid foundation for you.

I will not promise to give you the best life, this is so because you will have to learn to stand on your own every once in a while. But i guarantee you a better one than we had, dad and I. I do not mean we had a bad one, far from that.

Right now as you’re enjoying the warmth, my days have become so routine that i can hardly tell the difference between Monday and Friday – In this generetion they call it Furahi day and others call it Members day. You will learn all that once you’re here. I have myself involved in a number of activities, toiling and moiling to see to it that you are delivered at Agakan; this does not mean that there’s an error in those delivered at Pumuani. No no no… i was born there and am strong and healthy. But like i said, am to give you better than i got. I am doing my very best that you grow up in a manson, and provide you with education.

If it happens you inherit musical genes that run in the family, I pray you do, i will do my all to have you enroll at the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya. I will let you know what it’s all about in due time. My own choice would have been the violin but i will allow you choose your own. I promise to attend all your musical events, all school-parents meetings, all academic and visiting days. And to always bring daddy along.

To your social life: Friends are important, they are stars that brighten your life in the darkest despair. True friends are those that stand by you through thick and thin, those that rub in the truth however painful, those than bring out the best in you. And so as you choose yours, be wise and keep in mind those key points.
Meanwhile, mummy is burning the late night candle grasping tips here and there on how to make the best mother in the world. I look forward to those days you come home with friends for them to have a taste of your mummy’s delicacies.

Here is the most sensitive part; i surely will pamper you like the princess you already are. But that should not make you expect to escape punishment whenever you walk out of the rules of the house. The Bible itself encourages some whipping and that being the case, sure thing i will not spare the rod. In my days, whenever i messed up my mother would send me to the kitchen for the ‘mwiko’ and ‘ruthlessly worked’ on my buttocks. Well for you, i have made this whip. I call it ‘The hippo’ i will tell you why so. The hippo will serve you whenever necessary.

They say, “One’s name influences their character”. Being so, i will let it known to you why i called you Assunta. For now all i do is pray. I pray that God moulds your character. So that when your time to walk this earth finally comes, you will do so with the wisdom that cometh from up above. That you will not depart from His ways.

Where you are now, you will never get a chance to go back once you’re out.Sleep all you want, rest all you can and wait.

Till that day.

Yours inlove,

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